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Strength of Leader

     Today I am going to start a blog series in which we will know that what should be the Strength of a Leader whether it is individual or organization, to lead Corporate World.

Blog Series: Part-1

     Everyone wants to leave their rivals behind and want to be in power, and this tradition has been there for centuries. Whether it is a person or an organization wants supremacy. Some people also get power but due to lack of essential things to stay there, they lose that position very soon. So today I am going to start a series, in this series we will learn how to achieve power and how to stay in power for a long time, How we can play major role as a leader in Corporate World.

Now I am going to talk about some key points to achieve control.


     Without intellectual power nobody can get success. Today if any company or organization is on apex, that could be happened only because of its knowledgeable workers. It’s the intangible asset of any organization or company or Industries. I mean to say if you are going to do something or wants some startups you must have knowledge about that work, this is mandatory according to me. Means you should not take civil contract on basis of your Computer science degree. You have to basic knowledge at least for startups and if you have deep knowledge or belonging from same profile that will be plus point.


     Stakeholders, who is involved directly or indirectly to organization. Employees, Board of Directors, Customers, Supplier, Share Holders all comes as Stakeholders. Always try to satisfied our stakeholders because we exist because of them. Always try to give full satisfaction to customers. Try to understand customers, what they want after that we can fulfill their requirements.

Financial strength

     To be financial success is very essential for an organization. It’s give a lot of encourage. Good Balance sheet of an organization is showing how its employees, shareholders, stakeholders giving his support. If any organization or industry getting profit then he can reinvest in other areas.

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      We can say Enthusiasm is the main key point of Strength of Leader. Enthusiasm will play major role in your success. High level of Morale and enthusiasm give you very good ideas and positive thoughts to solve any kind of problems. Always you will be ready to take ownership of any work instead of skipping. Your energy level will be always high, you will be hungry for work and will be eager to finish the work properly before time.

to be continued…


Inspired by Radhakrishnan Pillai’s Corporate Chanakya

By Anurag