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Strength of Leader-Part 2

    Strength of Leader-Part 2 – In my last blog “Strength of Leader” (Part-1) I started to discuss about power of a leader. And discussed some point on that topic, So in the continuation in that blog series now I am going to post something about responsibilities of leader towards his employees, clients etc.


     Power always comes with responsibilities. You may be careless or casual before to be in power but after in power you have to think a lot of before any action & decision. You have to think about employees, customers, market & all stakeholders. Because its very difficult to remain in power if your employee, customer, worker, market or any kind of stakeholder will not happy with you and it’s very common they will not be loyal for you and it will become to cause of your trouble.

     According to Chanakya, main danger for a king is revolt.

     It’s very important to aware from revolt and try to avoid make this kind of situation. Its means try to keep your stakeholders happy and satisfied, definitely it will return to you in success in work.

Now we will discuss little bit how we can keep our stakeholders happy.

Understand the problems

     Always try to solve problems as soon as possible for employees, customers and market also. Because as you know committed employee & satisfied customers can bring good business for you. Do not hold or give time to grow up to any problem between your team, organization & market, always come to front line and curb it immediately.


Relationship with Customers

     In business you have to move always ahead and business is not a one time deal also. New customers always required but it’s not means you forget your old clients. When you going to expand your business you need new customers but old one also will give you a good business, So be in touch with them and understand his requirement. Definitely you will be on top.


Understand difference between need and greed

     As a leader you should always understand need of people in organization or market. They will be happy and loyal if you will fulfill his requirements but sometimes people take advantage. So, it is very important to differentiate between “need and greed”. If they are needy, you should have to fulfill their requirement but they are seeking something in greed you must be careful about it otherwise always they will demanding the same thing.

Maintaining discipline

Strength of Leader

     To be a leader is not an easy task, you have to understand people problems, solve their problems immediate where they are stuck and achieve target within time. Leader has to be flexible but do not lose his focus from goals and priorities, for that only he has been appointed.

     Sometime leader has to use rod (punishment) to maintain discipline. If they will not use this rod after sometimes he will not be a successful leader. When he will not be in office his structure will be destroyed. Everyone will apply his own rule. Employee should be afraid of the boss or leader, what action he will take when he will be back. But punishment should not be given only for showing off, always remember it, “the king just with the rod is only honored”.

    The leader should know the right level of punishment. A disciplined leader is highly productive.

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Inspired by Radhakrishnan Pillai’s Corporate Chanakya

By Anurag

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  1. Thank u anurag sir..
    Blog is very work as a leader..and understand between greed and need..bahut bar we misunderstand it..n dont help our needy who work with us..if we will be available for needy on time they also help us ..and level of faith n trust is more..

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