Two-factor authentication is an extra security features for your facebook account to prevent from hacking, phishing or unauthorized access. If we set up Two-factor authentication, always a special login code required to open your facebook account after entering password if you or someone trying to access your facebook account from unknown device or mobile.

          How to set-up two factor authentication:

A. Install “Google authenticator app” in your mobile from play store. (Try to install this app in your mobile in which you are using facebook normally)

B. Now login in your facebook account and go to you security and login setting.

C. Scroll down to two-factor authentication and click edit.

D. Choose the “third party authentication app.”

E. When you will turn on the “two-factor authentication app” a bar code will be appear on your screen.

F. Scan this bar code from your third party authenticator app which was installed in your mobile earlier Or manually enter the code given by facebook into authenticator app.

G. Now you will get a code from this authenticator app & need to enter in your facebook account.

        Now First two-factor authentication through third party authenticator app is enabled for your facebook account. After this whenever you or someone will try to open your facebook account from a new device, Browser or mobile device a special code will be generated from this authenticator app and need to put for further process of login. In short, If a person got your password still he can’t open your facebook account without this special code.

          And second Option is in two-factor authentication is “Text Message (SMS), after setup this option you get a OTP always when you or someone will use new/unknown browser for your account.

          But I will recommend first option always, third party authentication. This is much secure than text message code.

          In case you lose your phone or did not get text message on your cell phone or some other circumstances to not receive code, facebook giving you extra 10 code. You can write, download or print it from “Recovery Code” option. This is the third option in two-factor authentication process.

Most Important thing is never click on “save this browser” when you are using some public computer or mobile device.

And one more thing you can done from your login just go to security and login again & scroll again to two-factor authentication and choose second option “authorized logins”. Here you will see the list of all device from where you were login. Just remove all unknown device. Image are given below for reference;

I hope it would be helpful to secure your facebook account.

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