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Phone Calls Etiquette

Phone Calls Etiquette

  • When you make or receive phone calls, you are representing yourself, you organization to internal & external customers.
  • The impression you make on phone call that may be permanent.
  • Make sure that your voice and methodology shows that you are alert and at your best

General tips for answering calls:

  • Try to receive calls within three rings as much as could.
  • Always identify yourself when you answer the phone calls.
  • Speak in a pleasant tone of your voice-the caller will appreciate it.
  • Be a good listener and allow to speak others without interrupting.
  • Always use the hold button when you are holding a call so that the person in front cannot hear the surrounding.
  • Be polite when someone dialed accidentally wrong numbers.Listen him carefully and try to find out where they are calling or whom they want to talk.

General tips for making calls:

  • When you are calling, give your identity first instead asking about receiver.
  • Always know and state the purpose of the communication.
  • If you promised to someone you will call later, definitely do it later.

Ending Conversation:

If you are bored from a long call there are several ways to end this conversation without making up a story or sounding rude:

  • Promise to finish your discussion at another time because you have to finish some another important work now.
  • How much enjoyed you this conversation, tell him/her.
  • Always end with a pleasantry. “Nice talk had with you” or Have a good day.

Some tips for pleasant answer..

  • What you mean-“He is out” – Tell the caller- “He/She is not in the office at the moment. Would you like to leave a message?”
  • What you mean-“I don’t know where he is”. Tell the Caller-“He/She has stepped out of the office.Would you like to leave a message?”
  • What you mean–“She took the day off”. Tell the caller-“She is out of office for the day. Can someone else help you?”
  • What you mean-“He/She is busy”. Tell the caller-“He/She is unavailable at the moment. Would you like to leave a message to him/her?”
  • And most important thing always answer with greeting e.g. Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening.

General tips to remember:

  • Always put your phone in silent or vibration mode while attending or meeting.
  • Try to keep your conversation short & simple.
  • Avoid distracting others with your phone ringing. Keep low volume ring with pleasant ringtone.
  • Never use mobile while driving. It is dangerous & unlawful.

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