“Mother is the heartbeat in the home, and without her there seems to be not heart throb” – Leroy Brownlow

Mother’s day almost comes on second Sunday of May in every years. And it is celebrated annually in arround the world. This is not public holiday because its comes on Sunday. Mother’s Day is a celebration of Mother for her tireless contribution towards to growth & well being of children. Actually one day is really not enogh to pay gratitude and honour to her because in her whole life she did not left you alone for a second, even she did not stopped her care for a while and always seeking for blessing from god. Mother is special gift from god to everyone.
Mother always giving her 100% cares, it’s does not matter how old are you. In her eyes you are always a small kids, very special & most beautiful on this earth. I would like to say thanks her for everything. it is never too late to appreciate the efforts of your mother.
And most important things you all have to do promise to tell her, “She is important in your life.”

Happy Mother’s Day, Mummy.

By Anurag

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