Covid-19 is going to take us in era of economic challenges. some may have lost their jobs or may have to go. some have lost thier income suddenly. Salary may have been reduced. But Remember that these circumstances have not come because of us. Do not feel humiliated. And never give up. The path will not be seen but do not give up. Spend on least only upon essential things. Talk to friends and relatives daily. Do not allow to negatives thoughs in your mind. The whole world is suffering from this worldwide pandemic. Until the vaccine is made, we will have to get used to living life with this corona virus. Whatever changes have done in atmosphere and affected your life, all we have to accept it. we will fight and will win definitely. Dont need to be panic.
We have seen two face during this Covid-19 lockdown, one is stuck at their location and they do not have enough money to survive alone or along with family. They want to go back on his native place. and another one is who come forward on his level and helping to poor, hungry people with money and foods. And this is happening in everywhere, it mean to say still huminity is alive. And I am saying proudly we are in living in India, today everyone can feel difference between India and other countries. Our Prime Minister, Chief Ministers all are taking necessory action for fight against corona. And lot of people doing work in support of government on his level. So this is my humble request to all of everyone Please follow the guideline of government. Again I am saying no need to be depressed, India will win in this fight against Corona.


By Anurag

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